December 01, 2010

La Folie Café

I knew about La Folie in facebook. The desserts looked pretty much delicious, the architecture looked trendy so I proposed myself to go there someday. The day came and I my eyes couln't believe what the saw, it was amazing!!! There are around 3 enviroments: one with a fake waterfull, one more elegant with comfortable sofas and another one very colorfull . The desserts look still better. The service is A1, I don't have to screem to be heard because the waiters are kind in caring consciously about the clients and there is also an electronic device in every single table that allows to order, cancel or call the waiter. Another thing I love about La Folie is that they organize events to cheer customers, for example "magic nights" (a magician walks by every table offering a magic trick), "board games", etc. They also change the decoration every now and then or according to famous events like Halloween or the World Cup.

In conclusion, by me it's hardly recommended. Wanna see photos?

The Café is located in Avenida Primavera 1070 Chacarilla, Surco

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